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Journey in Homeschooling Conclusion


Here is the final post of our Contributing Authors Homeschool series. If you are just now joining us in the series. Our fabulous Homeschoolin Momma, began our Homeschool conversation with Journey in Homeschooling. We covered curriculum in the previous two posts. Time for Curriculum. Where she introduced her curriculum experience. The cirriculum conversation was carried over in the post Journey in Homeschool Cirriculum. Continue with us in this concluding post and leave your resource tips below.

You can see which curriculum companies I lean towards–Rod and Staff, Memoria Press, Peace Hill Press…some of these others may love or hate. That’s ok, not everything works for everyone which is why we are blessed to have so much to choose from.

I have always picked and chosen what we like for each subject and planned it myself, but this year I did buy plans and a “core” from Memoria Press for my oldest. She did their accelerated sixth grade core with a few modifications, and I highly recommend the company and their products. It has been a wonderful year for her. Next year she is going to try Classical Conversations again, in the Challenge A program.

The twins and I will carry on picking what looks good from our tried and true companies, adding in what we love from Sonlight and Veritas Press. There are so many good books out there! I am apprehensive about Challenge, wishing we could continue in Memoria Press. But I am willing to give the year a try and see how it goes. A wise homeschooling mom once told me every year is like being a first-year homeschooler again. We are always in uncharted territory with our oldest. It’s where the worry and intimidation sets in. It’s where the insecurity sets in as I compare my own very public school, peer-dependent childhood with her very different day to day life. I tell myself that because her memories of childhood will be different from mine doesn’t mean they are bad.

I fall back on God’s mercy and grace and love and guidance for all my worries. It continues to be a struggle for me to live differently than most of the people I know. But I have found sweet homeschooling moms who will answer my questions if I just reach out to them. I am so grateful we have chosen this path.

Hello my name is Mom

Final thoughts

One more thing about homeschooling that I thought of were great books I have read and reread to keep me motivated or to help me as a mom and teacher. I love anything by Sally Clarkson, particularly The Mission of Motherhood and Seasons of a Mother’s Heart. Love, love, love those books. Her and her husband wrote Educating the Wholehearted Child which is excellent also, but more of a homeschool how-to than the others. The Well-Trained Mind is an excellent resource but can be overwhelming too. I don’t follow it to the letter but do like to go back and read parts of it here and there. I will try to think of others (I can think of others I’ve seen highly recommended, but I haven’t read them myself. For the Children’s Sake comes to mind. I own it but haven’t read it yet!).


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