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Getting Organized

Ready to get organized?

First things first turn on Pandora and blast Christian music. I find that as long as I have the worship music on in the background it helps keep me grounded. I find comfort when I am feeling overwhelmed or I’m dancing and singing along with the kids in praise for how awesome the day is going. Having the music on helps me keep my eyes focused on God.

You may or may not keep a cleaning schedule. Some people need to write everything down, because they are visual people, or you just find satisfaction in those little checks. Either way if it is working and your family is functioning then continue doing that. I think I’m pretty flexible when it comes to a cleaning schedule. I do what I can when I can based off my children’s schedule. I do have the kids (even the 3 year old) put their dishes in the sink, put their toys away before bed, and they help put their clothes away. I make sure the dishes and counters are wiped down every night, the toys are picked up and floor is vacuumed (sometimes I end up doing the next morning, depending how many crumbs I’ve stepped on). I dust, mop and do toilets once a week. I wash carpets, windows and do the yard (hate yard work!) once a month. I also organize the kids toys but that’s probably every other month unless I have “free time”.

My favorite go to products Mr. Clean magic erasers, Mr. Clean all-purpose cleaner and carpet cleaner.
My favorite go to products Mr. Clean magic erasers, Mr. Clean all-purpose cleaner and carpet cleaner.

When the school year rolls around it can be pretty crazy around the house. You might find a left over lunch box with food still in it from May. Backpacks that are not usable. And children that have grown way more than you agreed upon. To get ready for school we get the kids a new outfit for everyday of the first week of school. Thank you clearance racks. We do new lunch boxes and back packs depending how beat up they are at the end of the year (So pretty much a new one every year). New shoes are a must with us but unless they out grow them they will be the only ones we buy unless they are given new ones from others.

Back to school shopping is a must but is not extravagant.
Back to school shopping is a must but is not extravagant.

You might say ok, what about me the overwhelmed, unorganized; clutter magnet Mom. I’m desperate to get organized what can I do? Maybe I’m just genetically flawed, and not meant to be an organized person.


It takes time to get a routine down and unless you have an entire day to yourself, it’s almost impossible to get the house cleaned in one day. The kids will destroy the room you just cleaned so be patient. It’s not just your kids that do that and they aren’t out to get you, so don’t take it personal.

I find focusing on the bathrooms and kitchen one day, then bedrooms another, and living room and dining room another really help me to not get over whelmed.  I would suggest having the kids help with cleaning and making it a game and if they don’t like your clean up game tell them if they don’t pick up toys or put their favorite shoes where the go you will throw it all out. That always works and yes I have had to throw toys out and yes the husband learned his lesson 😉


I love the art projects my children make but if I kept everything they ever made I’d be drowning in construction paper. I organize the items and evaluate how much I truly need it or want it. I have a must pile (bills, receipts, paperwork, etc) , a keep on fridge til kids replace with new art work ( throw out the old one!), and the pile of things I keep til the kids fall asleep and forget. Thank you Mc Donalds for your awesome happy meal toys.

What about cleaning out all those toys, and things? I definitely get rid of things. We give clothes away or try to sell as they outgrow. I DO NOT throw any toys away while the children are home. I wait til they are gone and get rid of toys I haven’t seen them play within 6 months or have batteries 😉


Yes, I do assign my husband chores but that doesn’t mean he does them lol.

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