Quick Salmon Pockets

These quick Salmon Pockets are delicious and easy to make. 1 4 ounce piece of Salmon Seasoned with salt, pepper and paprika. quarter of a lemon thinly sliced quarter of an onion thinly sliced a few sprigs of dill diced 1 garlic clove diced 4 asparagus trimmed 4 mushrooms sliced (optional, not pictured) I bake… Read More Quick Salmon Pockets

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Journey in Homeschooling Conclusion

Here is the final post of our Contributing Authors Homeschool series. If you are just now joining us in the series. Our fabulous Homeschoolin Momma, began our Homeschool conversation with Journey in Homeschooling. We covered curriculum in the previous two posts. Time for Curriculum. Where she introduced her curriculum experience. The cirriculum conversation was carried… Read More Journey in Homeschooling Conclusion